The Big Bang
A neighborhood market for food & wine adventurists with prices that are out of this world. Inter-galatically famous for really fresh produce, unique and affordable flowers, natural and specialty grocery, big cheese, our own Rocket Bakery pastries and desserts, and finally, wine & wine classes for people with more taste than money. With more food per square foot than any store this side of New York City, we are truly 
                A Small Market of Epic Proportions™

The ever expanding Rocket Galaxy has grown from the original Rocket Bakery in Millwood to six more coffee shops and one specialty/natural food store, Rocket Market.
The original location started by Jeff & Julia Postlewait in 1991 still does the baking, as well as providing salads, sandwiches and coffee beans for the rest of the stores.
In 1999 Alan & Shanda Shepherd joined Jeff & Julia with the opening of the Rocket Market. With 80 years of experience in the specialty food universe between them and a desire to build a neighborhood store that would fulfill their daily human fuel requirements, the Rocket Market blasted off.
From the very beginning, the Rocket Market has been dedicated to providing stellar service and the most flavorful, hard to find food; specialty/natural grocery, fresh & organic produce, unique and affordable flowers, artisan breads, big cheese, an incredibly diverse and personal wine selection, and of course, Rocket Bakery pastries, desserts, cookies, sandwiches and coffee. We’re also the happenin’ place in the ‘hood with wine classes every week and our wildly anticipated, outdoor music series every summer.

Spokane, WA Natural Health Practitioners
726 E 43rd
Spokane, WA 99203
(509) 343-2253
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