februarywine classes


organiccelery 59¢ pound
mandarins $1.59 pound
we now carry COUGAR GOLD cheese 
by the can or pre-cut! GO COUGS!


2004columbia valley!
CANONde solsyrah
so, here's the deal, this winery went out of business, we tasted through the entire inventory of wine they had left, this wine was the standout, so we bought it all.  Regular retail was $50, was it worth $50? eh.. is it worth $40? probably.. $30? yes!...$20? omg yes!!...$10? are you kidding me!!!  enjoy.
                               $10    save  $40!
barone finipinot grigio
pear, apple, lemon, melon with some delightful mineral notes
$5 save over 1/2 price!

it's here!
locally brewed kombucha!
from Bare Culture
on tap!
bring your own container or buy one of ours
24¢ an ounce
current flavors are
white peach/berry

we take organic fruit from our delicious produce department,
freeze it, add your choice of milk&fruit add some 
secret extracts(ok, mostly vanilla) and blend the goodness up!   
        $5 16 oz. 
fruit - raspberrybananastrawberryhuckleberryblackberry
milk - soyalmondricehemp or whatever else you can think of!


              local food.



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